Thursday, November 01, 2007

The 5 Love Languages of Children

Yup, when I was young, I'm really lazy like a lazy to do revision or read a book. And, always burn 'midnite oil' when tomorrow is exam time. I still remember clearly my mom nag me of being lazy...ha,, I'm mommy of 2 boys, hopefully, my boys won't be following my traits.

Nowadays, when I'm free (oversea), or before sleep, I will read some parenting books. It is really useful for me, at least I know how to handle my kids in better or correct way(as I think). This book really inspire me a lot and I really think it help me a lot in handling my kids daily, and especially since I travel a lot. I don't have much precious time to spend with my sons.
Basically, the author emphasize on 5 main LOVE LANGUAGES:-

a) Physical Touch
b) Word of Affirmation
c) Gift
d) Act of Services
e) Time

Each kid is unique and their LOVE tank is different as well. As long as we can identify their LOVE tank, and fill their LOVE tank full each times, they will be the happiest kid forever.

I like the book so much, and it really help me a lot - till today, my 2 princes just stick to me like 'UHU' whenever I'm at home. They just see their Dadi or grandma or aunty Flora like 'transparent' when mommy around. Ha,ha...imagine the POWERFUL of LOVE tank!!

Do read it, if you have times....
p/s: There is another book also written by this author called '5 Love languages of Marriage' (Good book, I could comment)


Health Freak Mommy said...

I have this book too!! And I agree with you that it is really a good read. Something that I've learnt - always ensure that your child's love tank is full.

Wen said...

i must go check it out edi..

MamaJo said...

HealthFreakMommy: Yup, I like it so much!!

Wen: I bought it from Salvation, maybe, can't get it from normal bookstore?

Mommy said...

please do share some good tips from the book!