Monday, November 26, 2007

Student of the Year

On 10th November 2007, Jona really make me proud again. On these day, his kindy organise 'Graduation and Concert Day'. Even though it is not a big event or so, the principal organise it in medium scale, but, still all the parents came to support.
We - me, Dadi, Grandma, Aunty Carol, Iz, we all enjoy the concert and graduation so much. Iz being so co-operative, watch the performance so quietly and sometimes, will said "Hello, I cannot see, I cannot see - when someone block his view".

It started from 9.15am and end around 11 am. Quite a short one with few performances. Jona perform under 4 Year Old - few songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rain, Rain Go away, etc.....continue by 5 Year Old and 6 Year Old. (This year, we decide not to bring any videocam since last year event- with another kindy break all our heart so much.....)

But, what caught us all by surprise is the Award Ceremony. It started from 4 year old, 5 year old and 6 year old. Just some simple award with certificates.

Uncle Y (the principal) mention the award and then, the student goes up to claim their award.....It goes like, the best in reading English StoryBook, Chinese StoryBook.....

When Uncle Y mention: There are 2 Best Helpers Award. These kids really help a lot in kindy...
Mommy start dreaming: Geeee....Jona must be one of them. But, when names being called...there is no Jona name.

Again Uncle Y mention: The best improvement Award. 2 kids as well.....and mommy start dreaming again...It must be my Jona.....nope, no Jona name being called. And, all of us thought, that's it. This year, Jona didn't get anything, but, it is ok. He is just 4 year old.

Who know, Uncle Y said again. "Oooppss....last award: Student of the Year goes to "Jonathan Chee Wai Hynn"!!! Everyone got surprise, and clapping our hands, and Dadi got stunned. But, luckily Dadi realise about it, and faster stand up and take some pictures of Jona. We all are not ready at all to hear this good new. Still in dreaming stage.

Yup....Uncle Y said: "This student.....everything is EXCELLENT - reading, writing, exam, etc...everything is excellent. That's why he is entitled for Student of the year award."

Ha, funny the way the principal said it. But, anyhow, Jona is the happiest kid on this day. He just feel so happy and excited about it. When his name is called, he keep saying "It's me, It's me!!" and happily run on stage and take picture with Uncle Y.

Till today, everyone is so proud of Jona. We all never imagine Jona will be reward as 'Student of the Year'. He never study at home or do his revision with our guidance. Whenever we want to teach him, he will said go away or just stubbornly didn't listen to what we teach. And, he still manage to get Student of the Year. Momi and Grandma keep putting a ??? on our head. My elder sister till today still not believe that Jona being reward Student of the Year due to Jona attitude and character.

Grandma is the proudest one among us. She keep telling everyone about her grandson. To neighbour, relative, etc till today...he,he...
Dadi, initially he didn't believe it, but, then, he also feel so proud saying, Jona is really clever boy. And, he volunteer buy toys for Jona and said "It is really worth the money sending Jona to this kindy".

As for mommy, I just feel so proud of Jona in my heart. He really does make all of us proud of his achievements, and I do pray to GOD that Jona will be forever success in his path under GOD supervision.

And, to Teacher E, we will always miss you. Thank you for all your effort in guide Jona throughout this year. She has submit her resignation, due to her commitment to her family. She is Jona's class teacher.


chanelwong said...

Well done, Bravo Jonathon !!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Good job Jona, such a clever boy!

Mommy said...

congratulations jonathan! jo, you must be so proud of him. how i wish for my son to be half as good as jona
-pek imm

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...Jo, u must be really proud of Jona by now!

MamaJo said...

ChanelWong: When I asked him to read a storybook after the award, he replies: "I got the award already ma"...**pengsan his mommy**

HealthFreakMommy: His naughtiness and playful is EXCELLENT too!!

Mommy: Pek Imm, Lik Jun is clever too, just he hasn't show the skill to you yet...wait and see :P

MummytoQiQi: I just hope he can maintain his grade throughout his schooling year ;P