Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Recipe: Ice Cream

Ice Cream is my favourite....nowadays, all my colleagues know that I'm 'gila ice'. When we are out for lunch, if that restaurant has Ice Kacang or ABC or Chendol with Water ChestNut, etc...I definitely order ONE for myself....he,he...no matter raining or under hot sun.

And, best part, Darling Hubby always try to 'tapau' Hagen Dazz' - Macadamia Brittle Nut for me :) if he happen to walk by the shop.

And, myself, I will always purchase ice cream during weekend marketing at hypermarket esp. Wall's Mini popper..yummy yummy....in my fridge (never out of stock!!) See, how crazy am I **bleak**

Nowadays, everything goes up - price of goods. So, I'm determine to learn how to make ice cream all by myself. Luckily, I have lovely mum who got the recipe

500 ml Dutch Lady Fresh Milk
5 gm Gelatin
200 gm Coffeemate (you can change the flavour as you like)
2 oz Sugar

First, mix 5gm Gelatin with 50 ml Fresh Milk, under small fire. Then, mix this mixture together with 450 ml Fresh Milk with sugar and Flavour (Coffeemate). Mix till everything dissolved. And, put into freeze. Wait around 3 ~ 6 hours till the mixture getting hard. Then, beat the mixture till it become soft and put it back to freeze again. It will double or triple the size depend on how long you beat the mixture.

Taadaaaaa....done!! It is as easy as read ABC right? So far, I have successfully make my own ice cream twice. Since I don't drink coffee, I switch the flavour to milk powder - Enercal(get it for free:)). And, the outcome is really yummy & healthy too. I'm going to make another ice cream again this coming holiday - maybe, I will try out other flavour like Cocoa??

Try it out and you will love it!!


Mummy to QiQi said...

Jo, mix with what? just hand stir or use the mixer?

Wen said...

wah, it seems u really love ice cream hor..till to the extend of making ur own..hor liao

MamaJo said...

MummytoQiQi: First round, I just use hand stir, after hard from freezer, I use mixer...let me know the outcome ya

Wen: Yup..he,he..almost everyday must eat ice cream :P . Wen, you got blog?

everydayhealy said...

waw.... this is cool. I want to try too. Without mixer, how?

Anyway, here is a tag for you.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Easy as ABC meh? Sounds so complicated and tedious to me wor. Aiyah... I'll just buy them off the shelf from supermarkets LOL!

IMMomsDaughter said...

I love ice cream too and soft ice cream are my favourite but lazy to make lah :P