Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tag: 5 things

I know I owe Leoni several tags....I have to thanks her for always remember me :)

5 things found in my room:-

a) Comfortable Bed
b) Queen size mattress
c) Dressing table
d) MediKlinn - Air Purifier
e) Mini HiFi Set

5 things I've always wanted to do:-

a) Relax at home
b) Submit resignation letter to boss
c) Enjoy beach holiday
d) Do some cooking/baking on my own
e) Some simple gardening

5 things found in my bag:-

a) Purses
b) Office key
c) Handphone
d) Lipstick
e) Tissue paper

5 things found in my wallet:-

a) Money
b) My 2 princes passport size photo
c) Stamp
d) Vouchers
e) Credit card

5 things I’m currently into:-

a) Check emails
b) Check bank account balance
c) Read E-Newspaper
d) Blogging
e) Eat my breakfast

Guess I will just stop here liao...since most of mommies I knew has done this tag :)

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Mommy said...

hi jo, thanks for entertaining my tags! appreciate it.-pek imm