Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Birthday Wishes....

This year, Jona already know what he want for his birthday present, even though still not good enough in asking....

Since end of June, Jona has been talking about birthday cake, present, present, etc....I guess he might know that his BIG day is coming soon - 23rd July 2003. On this day, he will be exactly 4 years old!! Wow, times really flies so fast......

By the way, "Happy Birthday, to Auntie Chinnee"...her birthday fall on same day as Jona....he,he...

Funny conversation:

Momi: Jona, what you want for birthday present?
Jona: mmmm...Dinosaur, A Big Dinosaur

Later few minutes,

Momi: Jona, what do you want for birthday present?
Jona: Dinosaur, A Big Dinosaur
Momi: What you want daddy buy for you?
Jona: A Big Dinosaur
Momi: What you want grandma buy for you?
Jona: A big Dinosaur
**slap my forehead**

Yesterday night when I asked him again....(after practising with him several night)

Momi: What you want?
Jona: Daddy, buy me Big Dinosaur, Grandma buy me Car and Battery. Momi buy me Dinosaur cake....Isaac, grandma buy car and battery is for Isaac(this one he added himself)....Wow, good boy!!

So, now, all of us has a mission to see whether Jona will get his wish come true or not....check on 23rd July...

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Mummy to QiQi said...

haha....Jo, thank you :))))
I just hope to see my mum this weekend (coz so long din balik melaka liao, *sob sob*)