Monday, September 10, 2007

Admitted to Hospital...Allergic

I have been OOO (out of office for a week), and last week, it is really a hectic week for me.

On Left, pinkish patches. On Right, it become reddish patches.

Really doesn't know what cause it, but, Jona has been hospitalised for unknown reason. Finally, report out, it is due to ALLERGIC!! What cause it, no one could give me the exact explanation.
And, based on momi 6 sense: It should start with this. On Monday, we hire a contractor to do a simple renovation on our car porch, and Jona might got allergic from the cement, dust...cause he started having itchy throughout his body on Tuesday morning.
But, when he took medicine prescribe by his usual paed,Dr.W, it seem the allergic get better (that's what we all think). Who know, on Tues nite, Jona didn't has good sleep, and lazy me, didn't really bother about it. And, on Wed morning, Jona got swollen eyes, but, later reduce when I send him to school. On Wed afternoon, Jona daycare teacher called, said Jona couldn't sleep, and keep complaining of pain on his testicle. When I fetch him back home, it is indeed true, one side of his testicle got swollen like 'Kampung' big, and it frighten me!

Call SYMC paed, he is off. Call Dadi, and it is already around 5pm, might as well, wait for his usual paed to reopen clinic at 6.30pm. Immediately rush Jona over, and she got SURPRISE and SHOCKED to see Jona condition esp the testicles. She said it is her first experience in seeing this condition. Immediately recommend Jona being admitted and FOC for her fee.

On Left, on first day being ward, he feel so tired(of course lor, whole nite, being disturbed by nurse - checking his temperature, pressure, took medicine in wee hour)

Arrived SJMC, the MO is really not helpful at all, and both SJMC and SYMC, room for paed is fully booked!! Only manage to get NICU ward which charge RM 400 per nite!! Pity Jona, whole nite, waiting for the paed to come to check on him, he has to suffer so much of waiting in the wheel chair. Throughout the nite till midnite, finally Jona manage to get nice bed to sleep - after throw up, being wheel to ultrascan, view by paed, poke needle to collect blood, put on drip, etc....

Initially, Dr.S suspect the swollen is due to 'twisted testicle' which he couldn't be sure unless ultrascan being performed. If his guessing is right, an emergency surgery need to be perform on that night itself. What a nightmare for me and Dadi!! We just pray hard that the outcome is fine.

Even thought, Jona being admitted and body full of wiring, he still so hardworking ler. Can't use right hand, he used Left hand to colour (He is right handed) while right hand hold the paper.

Result: Blood test confirm normal. Ultrascan confirm everything is normal as well. So, the conclusion: SYSTEMIC Allergic. Dr.S doesnt' want to comment further, just said, everything is alright and it is due to allergic. And, when we asked what cause it, he just said, "I couldn't confirm it" or "I'm not sure about it"....."but, what I'm most worried is not the allergic on his skin - red patches, rather the testicles. And, since the testicle is alright, then, nothing to be worried too much".

Not said, I pretend to be a doctor, but, I suspect it might be due to medicine allergic. Why? Simple. On Tues, after Jona took the medicine prescribe by Dr.W, he seem to be well, but, the funny part, it no longer itchy, but, the patches has changed colour from pinkish to red patches(it is very funny colour), and following morning, Jona got eyes swollen(not so swollen so, couldn't be sure it is medicine allergic) and later in the afternoon, got testicles swollen. Throughout, he still take the medicine, cause I assume it might be cement allergic and never thought of medicine allergic. And so funny, the allergic only started to show symptom after a full day medicine course - on wednesday....
From this experience, I could said, it is really tiring, heartache, confuse of seeing all these happen in our society, with paeds not sincere in telling us what is actually goes wrong. Also, the medical bill - for staying only 2 days in hospital, cost us RM 2,723.73!! All just because we have medical card for Jona. It is really not fair at all of simply charge us even though we have insurance coverage....(Can really see the hospital membabi buta charge us!).
All I need is just a simple and true explanation. I still like Dr.W and will still bring my sons for follow up routine check with her, etc (she really excellent and good in handling my sons), and for Dr.S, he really a good paed too, just maybe, he 'over-protective' of his colleague lor. For hospital, the nurse services is excellent too - Jona love to chat with them so much!!

For us, no more renovation on our house anymore, if it is just started by allergic to cement -> medicine allergic....

Anyway, as long as my Jona boy is well, healthy and active back, I only could Thanks GOD for his protection over Jona.


Health Freak Mommy said...

OMG, thank God Jona is ok now. Wah, never knew allergics could be that serious till the private part also got infected. I can imagine what Jona & you went thru when the paed inserted the IV tube into his hand coz Alycia was hospitalized too when she was 14 mths and was put on drips.

Mummy to QiQi said...

wow....even allergy can be so scary ya?? U must have been frightened out of your skin! Poor Jona, look so lonely on that big bed. Thank goodness he is orite now. Hey, i just notice Jona's chinese name is the same like my nephew's name (Waii Hiin), only different spelling :)

MamaJo said...

HealthFreakMommy: Yeah, I really know nothing much about allergic..guess, now, I shd be more careful abt it. Alycia too? For what reason?

Mummytoqiqi: I guess I just couldn't predict what GOD has arrange for me, but I know HE always be with me. Oh ya, both has exactly same name, kah,kah....think this name is good and special huh?

Mommy said...

oh dear jo, so sorry to hear about what you had to go through (and i was wondering the whole week what happened to you, since not online and no new posts!). sometimes, i believe our mommy instinct is accurate, so be sure to memorise the medicines that you suspect to be the culprits and keep them far far away from jona! and the hospital bill - really cut throat. that's why the directors of these private hospitals can afford to drive the latest sports car!
-pek imm

IMMomsDaughter said...

Oh goodness, I am so sorry to hear that. Hope Jona is doing fine now. I know the hospital bill is not really much of a bother as you guys are covered but you must be so heart pain to see your boy like that. *Hugs* to you.

It's true what you said about the doctor being protective of his colleague. They are always neutral on such matters.

chanelwong said...

hope he get better..did you put Jona on allergy test to check what other allergy he has...

MamaJo said...

Mommy: That's why insurance company now charge policy so high, and the suffer is the policy holder lor :(

Immomsdaughter: Yeah, luckily Jona is fine now...otherwise, sure I will blame myself liao for didn't take good care of him (He always fall sick immediately when my mom back hometown :( )

Chanelwong: Nope. Do you know whether I could perform this test at lab like Gribble, Pathlab, etc?

mybabybay said...

You can do a blood test against that medicine to see whether it is true. I find that now a days doctor always blame it on allergy as a culprit.