Friday, January 04, 2008

Expression by drawing Pt.1

Nowadays, Jona is really good in drawing. Of course, still not that good or excellent yet, but, overall, I already feel that he is good (in Momi's eyes)......might consider sending him to attend Art class for fun, so, he can express himself much better in drawing.

Last weekend, myself, Jona and Iz playing cutting butterfly shape from recycle paper (he learn from 'insect' book that his Uncle Teck bought for him). My duty is cut the butterfly for them, and their duty are colour it, and then paste it on balloon stick.

Everything went so well - both of them so happy till Jona suddenly grab Iz butterflies and it make Iz scream so hysterical, which I hate this situation. So, I give Jona a good scold and cane him as well for misbehave.

After a while, he ask me to cut another butterfly, and I fullfill his command. Within a minute, he came back and show me the butterfly. He said "This butterfly is so sad. See the mouth, and got a tear in his eyes - the butterfly is crying and sad because Momi beat Jona". And he just ran out from the playroom with the butterfly in his hands.

I really got shocked and in the same time, feel sad and happy as well. It seem that I have hurt him badly. I blame myself for being not able to control myself from canning him. I do apologise to him, and of course, he forgive me. You know, kid, one min he sad, one min he is happy again.

I'm happy because finally my Jona able to express his feeling through drawing.......I know it is one way to show his feeling, and it is good that I got to know his feeling through the drawing.


Wen said...

wah like that oso can ah!! he can 'ja' u back hor...

dont cane ler..... me refraining myself from caning now and i understand ur reason to cane oso...
ya probably he can do well in art class ...if i see my kids showing potential or interest, i will let them join classes.. of coz not too exp ler, like golf lesson very exp one ler plus equipment

Health Freak Mommy said...

So touching eh? Jona is so expressive, can even express his feelings in a drawing.... butterfly with drooping lip.

Tot's Mom said...

Sometimes, it's really hard to control our temper, especially when the kids are naughty. But I suppose they will always know if we love them or not. :)

MamaJo said...

Wen: Did it work on Ian since you didn't use cane on him anymore? Yeah, I have plan to enroll him for art class since Dec last year....but, no time to decide yet....Golf? Ha,ha...maybe for Isaac - he more sportman type :P

HealthFreakmommy: Ha,ha..that's why I got a shock when I see it.....never knew he is so good in 'drawing' out his feeling.

Tot'mom: My 2008 New Year resolution is, not to cane Jona anymore or scold him too frequent...Yeah, I think I should control my temper first.....aiyah..