Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Good Husband"

I just remember that Tot's mom did write about this topic few days back in her blog....

Why I use this title as well is because it caught my attention when my ex-colleague send me an email.

I know Ellen when I join this company back in 2001, when I went to my HQ in Europe for a training. From there, we start develop into friendship beside being a colleague, and she indeed help me out a lot at initial stage.

And, after 2 years, she came to M'sia together with her husband, which so coincidence become my boss(now ex-boss). And, our relationship grow even deeper, where when both husband and wife on business trip, I will take care of their kids, etc....till they have hired a Filipino maid to assist them. And, they just went back to their country 1 year ago.

Recently, I received a shock email from Ellen. She told me that she got breast cancer on her right breast. And, today, she will undergo a surgery to remove the tumor, and not whole breast, which is a relieve to her. After the surgery, she will undergo few session of chemotherapy, etc...and she will be on long medical leave before she officially went back to work again.

It is really a heartache for me to know about it. I really feel so sad and down, cause all I could do is pray for her wellness and couldn't be by her side.....but, luckily, for her, she has full support from her husband. He cancel all his business trip just to be with his wife (well, I really salute him).

Even though she has to accept the fact, but, she still can make joke out of it. I asked her, how she manage to detect that she has a breast cancer....Here is her answer: "Not me who detect it. It is my husband. He found it out and then, we undergo biospy to confirm it. YOU need to have a GOOD HUSBAND!!"

Anyway, I really do wish she will recover fast and back to normal life again.....And, I guess life is so unpredictable. What I will do from now is try to eat balance meal and have healthy lifestyle...It is really easy to say but, hard to implement unless I have the determination to do it.


Wen said...

so sorry to hear that. hope she gets well soon

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your friend is so lucky to have such a good hubby... who even detected the lump in her breast.

Tot's Mom said...

Another definition of a good husband? Anyway, I hope your friend will get well soon. Battling deseases like this is always hard so, all the best.