Friday, January 04, 2008

KM's First Tag

I received this tag from Wen, and it is KM's First Tag....since this is her first tag(KM), then, I must really support her lor.....

1. What’s your BIGGEST sin? Always scolding Jona non stop whenever he is playing naughty.
2. When’s your PROUDEST moment? When Jona got 'Student of the year' for 4 years old categories.
3. What’s your GREATEST fear? Losing my mom.
4. What’s your GREATEST love? Being caring
5. Who is your GREATEST enemy? People lied to me
6. Who is your GREATEST love? My 2 sons
7. What is your WILDEST dream? Travel around the world
8. When is the LOWEST point in your life? Being cheated by family member
9. Who is your favourite character in star wars? Alamak!!! Can't recall wor even though I do watch it....
10. What’s your New Year Resolution? Do more exercise....
11. Which country would you like to retire in? New Zealand or Australia
11. My Question. Love, Money, Health. Which one will you give up? MONEY

Tag goes to:
Leoni, Chinnee, Chanel..

KM hopes that she will find this tag in all her friends’ blog soon. “FRIENDS, JUST NEED TO TAG THREE PEOPLE AFTER YOU HAVE DONE THE TAG” KM will hop around and thanks those that have pass her tag on … her FIRST tag. AND TO MAKE THIS MORE INTERESTING, ONE WHOM DO THE TAG MUST ADD A NEW QUESTION TO THE LIST


Mummy to QiQi said...

haha....scolding your child is not a sin la.....dear mama! thanks for the tag :p

MamaJo said...

MummytoQiQi: For me, it is...I just feel so bad that I did it after that...and you know, my new year resolution is, try not to scold or cane Jona that frequent....he,he...